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[Foreign Investment General] How does Korean government support foreign investors to invest in the Gaeseong Industrial Complex(GIC)?
[Foreign Investment General] What's the process for purchasing land and property in the complex?
[Foreign Investment General] Please explain about an apartment-type factory
[Passage & Customs] How long does it take for first-time visitors to get into the North?
[Passage & Customs] Is it possible for those with foreign nationalities to get a pass or a certificate for stay in the North?
[Passage & Customs] What are the certificates required for a visit to North Korea?
[Passage & Customs] Where do I pick up a pass or certificate?
[Passage & Customs] Is it possible to renew the expiration date of my pass or certificate when my itinerary has changed?
[Passage & Customs] What are the conditions for applying for a certificate for stay?
[Passage & Customs] When is the deadline for submitting my entry plan?
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