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The cornerstone of GIC

Specialized organizations in GIC
  People who have visited GIC are unanimous in their praise for GIC's  
  excellent infrastructure. Behind the superb infrastructure such as
  substation, purification and disposal facility, waste water facility,
  waste disposal facility as well as standard factory, there are hidden
  efforts by organizations which control and manage those facilities.

  10 specialized organizations from the South have set and managed
  branches to look after infrastructure and support operation in GIC.
  → → (Please refer to the below for list of 10 organizations)
  GIC's great infrastructure is every bit as good as that of the South's
  industrial complex. This is because specialized public organizations of 
  South are in charge of works like supply of electricity, communications, 
  water, and drainage. They even take part in safety inspection work. 
  They have formed a consultative group from the early stage of 
  development and discussed on several matters for safe construction 
  and management of infrastructures. They named their group 'Songak',
  the old name of Gaeseong, which was a capital of the Goryeo Dynasty.  

The reason why 10 organizations and KIDMAC formed the group is because their works are intimately connected to one another. For example, as water supply from the purification and drainage facility increases, electricity and waste water supply also increase with the amount of water. Therefore, members of Songak Group share information and prepare for possible changes in order to manage the complex in a stable way. Like this, Songak Group works as a consultative group for stable management of GIC, beyong social gathering.

                                              Organization Name Responsibility
                   1      Korea Land & Housing Corporation Development(sales of land ownership)
              2 Hyundai Asan Development(construction), Management of amenities
              3 Korea Electric Power Corporation Supply of electricity
              4 Korea Water Resources Corporation Management of purification and drainage facility
              5 Korea Environment Corporation Management of waste facility and waste water facility
              6 Korea Gas Corporation Management of gas facility
              7 Korea Electric Safety Corporation Management of electrical installation and safety of electricity
              8 Korea Telecom Group Corporation Supply of telecommunication services
              9 Woori Bank Provision of financial services
              10 Korea Industrial Complex Corporation Management of standard factory
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