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The stage for globalization of GIC

Hong Kong Fashion Week for Spring/Summer 2015
  Gaeseong Industrial Complex(GIC) pavilion appeared in Hong Kong
  Fashion Week S/S, one of the most well-known fashion exhibitions held
  in Hong Kong. It was the first time of setting GIC pavilion in international
  exhibition with an eye to supporting tenant companies’ inroad into
  overseas market as well as globalization of GIC. Moreover, 6 participant  
  companies among 7 joined the international exhibition for the first time.

  About five hundred buyers visited the booth for 4 days of exhibition.
  The majority buyers were from Hong Kong and Mainland China while
  many others from Lebanon, Australia, India, South Africa, Brazil and etc.
  continued the buyer meetings with great interest.
  Participant companies said with one mouth that they started thinking
  about entering overseas market more seriously after this experience.
  By going through all processes from explaining products to discussing
  order with international buyers, they felt that global market entry is
  no longer a mere dream.

A president of one company expressed his desire to participate in the world’s most famous lingerie show, mentioning that Hong Kong Fashion Week was a good practice for this plan. Also companies learned global market trend and different tastes from buyer meetings.
However, a little sorrow remained by thinking what if GIC was more known to many others. The companies wrapped up the exhibition by pledging to develop price and product competitiveness.
There were two reasons of choosing Hong Kong Fashion Week as a test market for the first GIC Pavilion among thousands of exhibitions in the world. This was because fashion week is a place for information exchange regarding fashion trend of a year; and this event was held in ‘Hong Kong’, the international hub.
The streets of Hong Kong are overflowing with foreigners, and English communication is available at convenience stores and even stores in a remote place. Also in the harbor, container boxes from diverse countries are piled up like a high-rise building.
It is fun to imagine the globalized GIC; it would be just like what Hong Kong is today.