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The real meaning of co-operation

Andreas Schaefer, Deputy Secretary General of KGCCI
  Seeing is believing. GIC visitors also say something along these lines; GIC observed with their
  own eyes is different from what they have thought.
  Andreas Schaefer, Deputy Secretary General of the Korean-German Chamber of Commerce and 
  Industry (KGCCI), who visited GIC last March, is asked to give his thoughts and feelings about
  GIC after his visit.
  He went to GIC as a member of delegation consisting of foreign commerce chambers and
  councils in Korea.
  Q1. What were your expectations when you were heading to GIC?
  ☞ GIC features regularly in German and international media.
       So I could expect a modern business area that is up to global technological standards.
       But of course it is always better to see with your own eyes in order to get a feel of a place.

Q2. What did you notice when you entered Gaeseong?
☞ The border controls are tight; you hand over your electronic devices, go through metal detectors, and get escorted by military
    personnel. But once you are inside the GIC, you find yourself back in a familiar environment, with modern buildings, top-notch
    infrastructure and even South Korean retail shops.
Q3. What were your impressions when you were visiting the factories?
☞ I was glad to see Koreans from the North and the South working together side by side. You could see that industriousness is a
    character trait on both sides of the border. Machines were humming incessantly, and the workers seemed incredibly focused.
    Interestingly, many workers would play outdoor volleyball during their breaks – something I have neither seen in Seoul nor in
Q4. What do you think of a significance of GIC?
☞ I think GIC plays a very significant role in fostering trust and co-operation between the two Koreas.