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Management Organ for Automobile Registration and Basis Regulation

  • Management organ - KIDMAC
  • Guideline for the initial automobile registration
    • Registration object : Unregistered automobiles used in South Korea and other countries that will be operated in GIC

Registration Process

Application of automobile registration
Applicant -> KIDMAC
* Submit an application for use of automobiles
Automobile registration (KIDMAC) * Registration number is given
* Automobiles are included in registration list
* Certificate of registration for the automobile is given
Issuance and sealing of license plate * Proceeded at the office of KIDMAC on the primarily arranged date

Required Documents

  • Application for initial registration of automobile, copy of seal certificate (with the legal seal registered at KIDMAC)
  • Evidence of ownership
    • Certificate of de-registration, automobile registered book (cancelled automobile in South Korea and other countries)
    • Certificate of manufacture (new automobile)
    • Import declaration or certificate of import (automobile in GIC)
  • Document proving the main address of use
    • Company: Original certificate of incorporation or a copy of certificate for business registration (for developers, document stating the developer is required)
  • Document confirming automobile date
    • a copy of car registration certificate
  • Other documents suggested by KIDMAC

Other Registration

  • De-registration
    • Owner of automobile should apply for de-regulation to KIDMAC in case of situations below
      • * scrappage
      • * return of the car to seller or car company
      • * loss of function due to accidents etc.
      • * carried out from GIC
      • * other cases admitted by KIDMAC
      • When applying the de-registration, owners should return the certificate of automobile registration, license plate, sealing to KIDMAC
      • In case of de-registration caused by carrying out, owner needs to apply for de-registration and report to KIDMAC
  • Ownership transfer
    • Those who take over the ownership of automobile by buying, recieving, or inheriting, need to apply for transfer registration to KIDMAC
  • Change registration
    • The owner needs to apply for change registration to KIDMAC in case there are changes in registeration list
    • Fee
Registration Fee Initial registration $20
De-registration $5
Re-issuance Fee License plate, sealing $10