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Approval of Construction

  • Standards are applied regarding the current infrastructure for lots of the first stage for lease (169 thousand ㎡)
    • The building-to-land ratio (below 60%), floor area ratio (below 180%), height (below 26m)
    • For apartment type factories - the building to land ratio(below 60%), floor area ratio(below 250%), height(below 40m)
  • Height of building
    • Housing(below 40m), building for commercial uses(below 75m), for industrial use(below 26m)
    • Although apartment type factories are for industrial purposes, they follow rules for commercial use
  • Limit line of structure
    • 5m from boundary line of road, 3m from surrounding property line (but property line close to buffer green is below 2m)
    • Above 15% of lot for 2,000㎡ gross area, above 10% for below 2,000㎡ gross area (Construction of parking lot for cars and bikes)
    • 1 car per 600㎡ floor area, 1 bike per 50㎡

Approval of Advertisement

  • Required documents
    • An application form for outdoor advertisement installation
    • A location map and design plan that includes size, quantities and location


* Forms are available in 'News & Resources-Forms'