General Support Center, APT-type Factory

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Apartment-type Fatory

What is an apartment-type factory? It is a complex building with at least three overground floors that accommodates 6 or more factories within. Factories and their supporting facilities such as dormitory and amenities co-reside to support operation. It is also called ‘knowledge industry center’
* FISC provides ‘incubating system’ for foreign investment companies to start operation at apartment-type factory before establishing fully-equipped factory in GIC. This system will allow foreign investment companies to examine advantages of operating at GIC and create new business opportunities with customized production space.

  • KIDMAC Apartment-type Factory
    • Name : NURIMI
    • Total floor area : 26,864㎡ (1 basement and 4-story building)

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General Support Center

The General Support Center is a 15-story administrative office building where organizations such as KIDMAC, South-North Joint Committee, and General Bureau of Guidance for Special Zone Development etc. co-reside for comprehensive management of GIC. There are also convenience and commercial facilities such as bank, convenience store, and cafeteria. Also it is equipped with international convention halls, seminar rooms and observatory.

Spaces available for places of business

* Please refer to 'News & Resources-Information' for lease agreement go