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Personal data handling policy

Every personal data that the GIDF deals with is collected, kept and handled in accordance with personal information-related legislation or by the consent of the government.

According to the Personal Data Protection Act, GIC has in place regulations on how to handle personal information, and based on the regulations, its management committee collects and keeps any personal data properly with the goal of protecting people’s rights and interests.

The GIDF protects the personal data of users; GIDF's websites are and

1. Basic rules

  • ① The GIDF collects and keeps personal data from users that are needed for its websites in accordance with related regulations or only with the approval of the users.
  • ② The GIDF thoroughly protects the collected personal information that users provide, and all membership information will be strictly protected according to the Personal Data Protection Act.

2. What information does the committee collect and how long does it keep the information?

  • ① If you want to write on GIDF's online consulting system or receive a regular newsletter, you are required to sign up at the website. The committee collects the following personal information with the user's consent. What information do we collect?
  • - name
  • - e-mail address
  • - contact number
  • ② Collected personal data will be properly handled until the user withdraws from the website. However, according to the related laws, even after the user's withdrawal, the personal data could be kept for a certain period of time. In the case that personal data have to be collected for other purposes and not for the sign-up process, for example for non-members to write a post, we handle and protect the information within a given period, too.

3. Personal information to be collected and stored automatically

  • ① When the user visits, the site automatically collects and stores following personal information.
    • - The website through which the user gets to the GIDF's site.
    • - The type of operating system and web browser on the user's computer.
    • - The user's Internet server domain, IP address and connection time.
  • ② The automatically collected and stored personal data are used only to make communications between the user and the website go as smoothly as possible, and to offer better service to the user, and can be used for statistical analysis in order to improve the site. However, the data could be offered to related organizations due to unavoidable circumstances, in accordance with the laws.

4. How do we handle and keep personal data?

  • ① According to the related laws, the GIDF properly processes and keeps personal data within the period that the user agreed on when he or she gave personal information.
  • ② Despite the first clause of the laws, the GIDF must immediately destroy the user's personal data if he or she (or the legal representative of a user aged under 14) demands that the information be deleted.
  • ③ However, in the case that the personal data needs to be kept according to the related regulations, the GIDF is allowed to keep the data for a certain period of time.

5. What personal information do we collect and store by asking the user to download and fill out an electronic form?

  • The user can offer his or her personal information by filling out an electronic form. In this case, the GIDF will handle only data submitted by a user who fully understands the process.
    • - Personal data submitted by the user could be shared with related organizations which need the data to develop related policies, in accordance with related regulations, or could be transmitted again as necessary.
    • - A third party could illegally open personal data submitted by the user when the data leak out.

6. What are the measures to safeguard your personal information?

  • ① The foundation operates a variety of programs to detect any illegal attempts, including changing users' connection information, as well as to control network traffic.
  • ② The foundation makes an all-out effort to enhance security on the site by tightening up technical management. Please refrain from revealing your sensitive personal data to stop the information from leaking out.

7. Is personal information that the user offers protected on other linked sites, too?

When the user clicks links or banners available on the foundation's site and moves to the related sites, then his or her personal information will be under the protection according to the policies of those sites. The user is required to check the personal data protection policies that the sites apply.

8. Is it illegal to acquire the personal data of other users while I surf the foundation's site?

Yes. It's illegal to acquire the personal information of other users, including an email address. Those who collect or are offered the user's personal data may be punished under Article 23 of the Personal Information Protection Act of a Public Institution.

9. How can I report personal data infringement?

When you find any infringement of personal data when using the foundation's site, please report it to the following contact number.

Department : Information Management TF Team

TEL) 82-2-2095-5325

FAX) 82-2-2095-5353